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Painting Contractor in Sicklerville, NJ

If you’re in need of a paint job of any kind, you’ve come to the right place. We’re GLS Painters, your designated painting contractor based in Sicklerville, New Jersey. We got our start in 2009, and we take great pride in doing exactly what we say we will do. While most painting companies don’t seem to keep their word these days, our motto is to always show up on time and get the job done the right way – the first time!

When comparing painters, one of the most important things to consider is the warranty offered by each. We’re here to save you the trouble. We are the only company in South Jersey that is certified to offer Sherwin Williams’ 9-year material and labor warranty certificate. Want to save a couple hundred bucks?We also have a 7-year warranty. And, if you want to kick it up a notch, we also offer a 10-year warranty.

The other thing that sets us apart from our competition? Our team. Our screening process is intense, as not just anyone fits into the GLS family. You can rest assured that when a member of the GLS team comes to your home, you’re not only getting a master of the painting trade, but also the type of person that loves their job!

Interior Painters

Ready to paint that living room or kitchen that you’ve been looking to paint for so long? Could your bedroom walls use a new color? Look no further.

We are the top interior painters in Sicklerville, and we’ll have the inside of your home looking incredible. There’s nothing like enthusiastic compliments from house guests about how beautiful your home is inside, and one of the first things they will notice is the beautiful paint job GLS has done for you!

Exterior Painters

If your siding has started to fade or your shutters need some touching up, GLS Painters has you covered.

We have years of experience as exterior painters. This can be a very dangerous job when trying to reach high spots, and also a very difficult job when it comes to making everything look right. Let us do the job for you, the right way, and leave you with an appealing exterior and no regrets!

Yes, We Do Commercial Painting, Too!

When it comes to GLS, it’s more than just home painting; we’ll even take on your commercial job!

If your business could use a visual upgrade, a new paint job is often the best way to do it. The job we do will certainly appeal to passers-by and potential new customers!

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